Need to make mpeg ts edit lossless?

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The world's first H.264 AVCHD MPEG2 frame accurate cutter without re-encoding!

How to make mpeg ts edit lossless...

Files made of Digital Television broadcast can be very large. One hour of program can easily be over two gigabytes. Every day you may have some recordings from which you want to take parts and save the original video quality. So you need a video tool to edit the file you have. The Digital Television broadcast was usually in MPEG Transport Stream format that the normal video editing softwares could not handle well. Option of first converting the whole program to another file format for editing is not a good idea (video quality degration, conversion artifacts, conversion time). The best idea would be to directly make mpeg ts edit in a Frame Accurate way without re-encoding.

If you have several HD video files in transport stream (.ts) format, recorded with your satellite receiver, you may want to cut them, as in simply remove a few minutes from the beginning, the end and sometimes a few minutes in the middle of it (remove early start of recordings, late ends and, for some seldom files, the ads).

What is a good, ideally software with a GUI to do this? Best would be something where you could select points on a timeline and simply cut the elements out.

As a resulting file, just the same .ts format would be great, as long as the video is NOT re-encoded / transcoded. Sometimes the ts video files have additional audio streams and subtitles. These should be retained in the process.

Fortunately there is an utility allowing to perform simple tasks and edit AVCHD H.264 MPEG2 video files without re-encoding. It makes it easy and enjoyable to produce one nice AVCHD H.264 MPEG2 movie out of dozens small ones.

Our Smart Cutter will

make mpeg ts edit captured by DV Cam and HD PVR losslessly

It is an easy-to-use video cutter, splits and joins videos quickly in several mouse clicks.

It is a Frame Accurate video editor. You can trim movies in ts formats captured by DV Camcorder and HD PVR easily with this tool. Cut commercials out of video stream.

Especially, only small parts on start and end points will be re-encoded, the middle part will remain untouched, lossless. This gives highest speed while reserving highest video quality. So it's called 'Smart Rendering'.

Supporting M2TS, TS, PS, TP, TRP, MTS, MPG, VOB; H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MPEG2, DVD etc.

How to make mpeg ts edit lossless...

Please refer to the page of our Smart Cutter for more information. When you need to make mpeg ts edit lossless, you may have it a try.