How To EDIT H.264/AVCHD/MPEG2 without re-encoding:

Cut videos captured by DV Cam and HD PVR without re-encoding

opening movie

1. start Smart Cutter

click the 'OPEN' button, select a .mp4 .mov .ts .tp .trp .mts .m2ts .mpg .vob file

any time you can shut down the program by the 'Exit' button


jumping in video scenes

2. use the long range whole slider to seek different video scenes

3. use the short range fine slider to locate frame accuratly


step forward or back

4. Use '<|'or '|>'to single step forward or back


set start point of video segment

5. set start point by 'New Start Point'

6. set end point by 'New End Point'


video segment

7.A blue segment will be shown between the long slider and the short slider, you can review the segment by clicking on it

Press 'Clear' to reset everything, 'Delete' to remove current segment, define multiple segments as previous steps if needed


start recording operation

8. Press Red Circle Button, it will be transcoding


monitoring the process

9. in the monitor dialog, you can see the progress of the operation, stop, pause or resume the process

10. when the process completed, you will see a message box showing 'Transcoding Complete' as an indicator

How to load and save project:
Press 'Load Proj' to open segments setting from project file
Press 'Save Proj' to save segments setting into project file



Batch work can help you process multiple projects in one time run:

Each batch list item is a segments setting project actually.


add project to batch list

1. Click the add batch button to add currently defined segments into batch list.


start recording operation

2. Press 'Start Batch' to start the transcoding. If the button 'link' lightened up, you will be asked for a output file name, the result will be one single file with all batch items(projects) merged together; otherwise, each batch item(project) will be transcoded into a new file.


project loading and saving

3. You can load batch into and save batch from batch list, 'right click' on the batch list, select the menu item 'load batch' and 'save batch'.
You can also output all the edit points into a text file by 'output points'.