Need Frame Accurate h.264 native editing without re-encoding?

Want to edit h.264 videos captured by DV Cam and DVB HD PVR? You're in the right place! We offer you :

The world's first H.264 AVCHD MPEG2 frame accurate cutter without re-encoding!

Method for h.264 native editing without re-encoding...

With the wild success of AVCHD cameras from Sony, Canon and JVC, there is a renewed interest in H.264 native editing, using the video files that are transferred directly from the camera into your editing system. H.264 is the video format that these cameras use for capturing their images. Editing natively saves time because you don’t need to transcode your video. And H.264 files are very small, compared to other video file formats.

These are both good things, but there is a hidden cost to this.

If speed in transferring files from camera to computer or small file size is the most important criteria in your professional life, H.264 native editing makes sense.

The problem with H.264 native editing is that you are now dealing with the significant limitations of H.264 video:

1. H.264 is mathematically intense. It takes some serious computer horsepower to decode its compression.
2. Because it is so mathematically challenging, it takes longer to render H.264 files than other formats.
3. H.264 does not integrate easily with other video formats.

In fact, the slow render times were caused by the complexity of the H.264 compression and its reliance on Long GOP encoding.

H.264 is an outstanding distribution format. It is an acceptable acquisition format. But it is not a good editing format.

There is this rumor h.264 containers do not fit for editing. So is there an easy solution for h.264 native editing?

Smart Rendering is an ability to edit video file avoiding decoding coding of each video frame. As decoding coding of each frame takes considerable amount of time, using of this ability will give you fantastic increase of file editing speed. Besides, this method of video editing saves 100% of original video and audio quality. Since H.264 AVCHD is lossy, any re-encoding to H.264 AVCHD will reduce the quality of the video.

With the smart rendering of FameRing technology to ensure minimum video re-encoding, the export of one hour TV show will take only a few minutes, since most of the video content will be copied from the original recording into the new file without modification.

This the main feature of our Smart Cutter, it will be

Editing H.264 videos captured by DV Cam and HD PVR without re-encoding

Method for h.264 native editing without re-encoding...

It is an easy-to-use video cutter, splits and joins videos quickly in several mouse clicks.

It is a Frame Accurate video editor. You can trim movies in H.264 formats captured by DV Camcorder and DVB HD PVR easily with this tool. Cut commercials out of video stream.

Especially, only small parts on start and end points will be re-encoded, the middle part will remain untouched, lossless. This gives highest speed while reserving highest video quality. So it's called 'Smart Rendering'.

Supporting M2TS, TS, PS, TP, TRP, MTS, MPG, VOB, MP4, MOV; H.264 AVC, AVCHD, MPEG2, DVD etc.

Method for h.264 native editing without re-encoding...

Please refer to the page of our Smart Cutter for more information. When you need h.264 native editing, you may have it a try.