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The world's first H.264 AVCHD MPEG2 frame accurate cutter without re-encoding!

How to Join M2ts No Loss...

You may want to create a collection of scenes from blu-ray disks some time, but with no loss of quality or re-coding. Then which Frame Accurate program lets you just cut segments out of an m2ts file? And which program will let you join the pieces together no loss of quality or re-coding?

A good answer will be our Smart Cutter.

When you got your first AVCHD Camcorder, you surely will enjoy its astonishing video quality and the easy usage. Suppose you recently went to holiday with your AVCHD camera, you went to a wedding and wanted to shoot some videos. After you recorded quite a few hours worth of movie, you would mostly want to make it a bit shorter and cut out the boring parts. However, this may also put you in a tough position when you want editing, trimming, and joining AVCHD video.

Many AVCHD camcorders generate M2TS files as their output.

Usually the utilities that came with the cameras can roughly edit, trim and join M2TS, but not very well, especially, they are not Frame Accurate.

How will you join M2TS Frame Accurately? When you have a movie that has multiple .M2TS files in a PC folder, which software will you take to join M2TS no loss together?

How do you join the dozens of .m2ts files from the AVCHD Camera into one playable file and keeping the original quality? Some video converters will join them but will re-encode them to a single file. Re-Encoding will degrade the video quality, and take too much time waiting. You surely will just want to join M2TS no loss together, without re-encoding.

Finally, there is a solution that works, Frame Accurate without re-encoding M2TS files.

Our Smart Cutter will

Join M2ts videos captured by DV Cam and HD PVR losslessly

It is an easy-to-use video cutter, splits and joins videos quickly in several mouse clicks.

It is a Frame Accurate video editor. You can trim movies in M2ts formats captured by AVCHD Camcorder and HD PVR easily with this tool. Cut unwanted parts out of video stream.

Especially, only small parts on start and end points will be re-encoded, the middle part will remain untouched, lossless. This gives highest speed while reserving highest video quality. So it's called 'Smart Rendering'.

Supporting M2TS, TS, PS, TP, TRP, MTS, MPG, VOB; H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MPEG2, DVD etc.

How to Join M2ts No Loss...

Please refer to the page of our Smart Cutter for more information. When you need to Join M2ts No Loss, you may have it a try.