How to Cut AVC:

How to Cut AVC without re-encoding...

When you recorded some HDTV AVC video in a ts file and you sometimes would like to burn it to Blu-Ray Disk. But you what need first is cutting out the commercials first.

There are many softwares out there claimed to be capable of editing HDTV AVC video files, but those tools can not cut AVC video in Frame Accurate mode. And they often re-encode the whole movie into other video formats while editing, which will surely degrade the video quality and cost you too much time waiting.

This simple requirement is supposed to be able to Cut AVC files without re-rendering the video.

This leads to the most valuable part of our Smart Cutter for DV and DVB.

Want to Cut AVC videos captured by AVCHD Camcorder and HD PVR? You're in the right place! We offer you :

The world's first H.264 AVCHD MPEG2 frame accurate cutter without re-encoding!

How to Cut AVC without re-encoding...

AVC(Advanced Video Coding) or H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 is a standard for video compression, and is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video.

AVC is perhaps best known as being one of the codec standards for Blu-ray Discs; all Blu-ray players must be able to decode AVC. It is also widely used by streaming internet sources, such as videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and the iTunes Store, web software such as the Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight, broadcast services for DVB and SBTVD, direct-broadcast satellite television services, cable television services, and real-time videoconferencing.

Most video editor programs can import the AVC video clips, but in order to generate something viewable, you have to go through the entire conversion/rendering process. Which is extremely time consuming.

The AVC video format has a very broad application range that covers all forms of digital compressed video from low bit-rate Internet streaming applications to HDTV broadcast and Digital Cinema applications with nearly lossless coding.

AVCHD is a high-definition recording format designed by Sony and Panasonic that uses AVC(conforming to AVC while adding additional application-specific features and constraints). AVCHD is the main video format of Sony and Panasonic Camcorder products.

Happy owners of digital video camcorders from Sony, Panasonic and HD PVR from Hauppauge often need to join and split multiple movies. The task is very easy, however, most of video editing software tend to re-encode H.264/MPEG-4/AVC files what leads to huge time consumption and quality reduction.

Fortunately there is an utility allowing to perform simple tasks and edit H.264/MPEG-4/AVC video files without re-encoding. It makes it easy and enjoyable to produce one nice H.264/MPEG-4/AVC movie out of dozens small ones.

Our Smart Cutter will

Cut AVC videos captured by AVCHD Camcorder and HD PVR with no re-encoding

It is an easy-to-use video cutter, splits and joins videos quickly in several mouse clicks.

It is a Frame Accurate video editor. You can trim movies in H.264/MPEG-4/AVC formats captured by AVCHD Camcorder and HD PVR easily with this tool. Cut commercials out of video stream.

Especially, only small parts on start and end points will be re-encoded, the middle part will remain untouched, lossless. This gives highest speed while reserving highest video quality. So it's called 'Smart Rendering'.

Supporting M2TS, TS, PS, TP, TRP, MTS, MPG, VOB; H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MPEG2, DVD etc.

How to Cut AVC with no re-encoding...

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