A simple table showing differences in our products:

Product Input Output Functions Description
Smart Cutter H.264/AVCHD/MPEG2 in PS/TS/MTS/M2TS/MP4/MOV Same as input format video cutter, splits and joins videos, no re-encoding
Smart Mate H.264/AVCHD/MPEG2 in PS/TS/MTS/M2TS/MP4/MOV Same as input format video browser and cutter, including Smart Cutter, no re-encoding
MovieShop Browser All popular video formats All popular video formats video browser and converter, converting to various formats, full re-encoding
MovieShop Framer All popular video formats All popular video formats video editor and converter, splits and joins videos, converting to various formats, full re-encoding
MovieShop Suite All popular video formats All popular video formats video browser, editor and converter, splits and joins videos, converting to various formats, full re-encoding



Frequently Asked Questions:

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hi definition video cutter

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how can edit some scenes from videos

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how do i delete scenes from a movie

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how do i remove vob from a file

how do remove a part in video

how i can cut the advertisement of video

how join mov files

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how to combine mts files

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how to edit videos with panasonic software

how to edit vob

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how to extract frame from video

how to fast combine many movies into one without losing quality and timing

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how to join 3d avchd video files

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how to join mts files no loss

how to join mts video files

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how to split video hd

how to stitch movie clips together

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how to trim mpeg video

how to use video browser for movies

hq video cutter

i have a camcorder that records in mp4 format what editing software should i use

i have a large home movie in vob format i want to edit to share only smaller parts of it

i want to cut a segment of a mp4

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iphone h 264 video viewer

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video frame delete

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video streaming viewer

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the only way to remove commercials

thumbnail for h.264

thumbnails for h.264 files

thumbnails maker hd

time frame accurate video reading programmes

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tiny mpg cutter

to cut or edit movie

to edit avchd what is the minimum processor power needed

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trim avchd clip

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trimming file into same format

true hd editing

truncate mpeg2 video without encoding

remove advertising from mpeg

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replace video part without re rendering

scene cutter

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screen frame cutter commercial

seamless mpg joiner

seek slider video segmentation

segment mpeg ts on intra frames

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separate video ts files

shaw pvr delete commercials

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should i transcode avchd for lossless editing

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mark a place in a ts file

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how to stitch mts video clips together

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how to trim a video clip without affecting quality

how to trim hd files

how to trim mpeg files

how to trim small parts of a video

how to trim video and keep it in raw format

how to trim video frame

how to use avchd editor without lossness

i frame editor

i frames on video splicing

i need a program that can separate a movie into its frames

how to browse videos on your computer

how to chop a divco

how to clip shorten edit mts file

how to combine and edit videos taken in camcorder

how to combine the video files without converting them

how to combine ts files

how to convert large movie into small and vice versa

how to convert movie scene in photo

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how to delete ads out of movie

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edit ads from videos

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edit avchd movie

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cut ts file dreambox

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cut video batch list function

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cut video to first key frame

cut your videos into parts keeping same qaulity

cutlist without recode

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cutting and joining mpegs

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cutting clips in video and merge them

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break up hd video into frames

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apple video cutter

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picture video browser

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get rid of commercials in dvd

h 264 video viewer

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dvcam h264 program

what video programs handle mts files

windows7 mpeg stream editor

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best video segment cut portable

can i join multiple mov files

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tp0 stream editor

trim video save with original quality

split mpegs

split vob

software to cut and merge video files into bits

sony avchd software

remove advertisements from videos software

review software to cut avchd video

how to edit movies 1 frame at a time

how to extract mts files in split archive segment

how to join mov video files

how to join video windows 7

how to make ts stream with multi

how to merge ts files

how to patch canon video clip

how to piece together mov files

how to play all video clips together

how to play trp as one file

how can i remove unwanted scenes from a movie

how do you see the movie from hd pvr capture

how to 3d blu ray disc editing

how to assemble mts files in the correct order

how to capture frames from video software

how to combine video and audio from pvr

how to combine video without converting

how to cut ads from tv videos

how to cut frame

how to cut length of mts video

h 264 native editing

h 264 video editing software reviews

hauppauge cutting commercial

hd movie editing

hd video cut

hd video cutter best pc

hd video dual audio movie cutter and joiner

hd video joiner software

hdd manager for h 264

how can i delete scenes from a movie with mpeg 4

fast video parts

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frame from movies

frame grabber multiple output

frame video trimmer

frames from h264

frames mpeg

getting thumbnail from video using frame grabber

h 264 frame grabbers

h 264 image capture

editing avchd movies

editing camcorder files

editing file h264

editing hd mov video

editing mp4

editing video with video browser

editor video portable

extract all frames from video

extract frame from video

fast mp4 video cut